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He was perfectly fine getting a blowjob but he couldn't seal the deal. They apologized for the trickery,and offered Jason a total of $3,500 plus he gets to fuck Jessie, but only after 15 minutes of his time on the bus. It was a definite catch..

Bait Buw

This week we turned on our radars looking for a potential victim to get baited into some fun. Hey what's up guys, this week we found a cute guy walking in the middle of nowhere we have some advice for him. Vanessa gets him undressed and blind folded. We headed for the sex store and bought a nice little surprise for you. When he took that blindfold off and watch Brandy do her job. Well, they are driving around under gray clouds, looking for cock for Steven. So today we took out the Bait bait buw Bus we picked up Enrique,a hottie sailor. Bait Bus rolling in the city to find more guys lure into the bus. But when the blind fold came off, and Jason got mad because he is not gay, but after he bang the shit out of my sister Matt! We tell bait buw him we are looking for applicants for our next victim. Now heres the deal this guy had a big surprise for him. It took some time but he settled down after a bit. We offered him a ride. We took advantage of the situation and offered a ride which he didn't decline, we got him inside Vanessa wasted no time charming the pants off of him. We are sure you guys will enjoy bait buw this one i know we did. Then he just kept saying how much he was enjoying himself That Cameron was very good. His name was Leo from Venezuela. He spoke no English at all but we always like this because we can verbally smite him and all he does is smile at us and say 'yes'. Sunshine is on the prowl for cock! We offered him a massage from summer and he agreed. Cruising bait buw around sunny Miami the crew encounters Cody. When the blind fold comes off and this guy was digging her from the start..

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