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After a few questions on the bus and let Vanessa take over which leads him to being blinded folded and getting his cock sucked, and when he took it off he was pissed, he wanted for us to leave him right there on Alligator Alley in the middle.

Bait Bua

Jessie and Tyler convince Jason to fuck Ryan in the butt hole, with the promise that she's going to suck his dick. This guy had a really big dick, I mean Jamie was trying to fit it all in. Welcome back bait bus lovers, today we decided to take advantage of him and put a blindfold on him. We have a project due, and who else better to help us out then naive college bait bua boys. Upon entry he was everything we wanted in a victim, hot, hereto sexual, and horny! We told him he was quick to express bait bua interest. But all we had to offer. Jamie and Cameron decided to dress up as a nurse and doctor duo who were contributing bait bua to society by performing free physical exams to spring breakers in Miami Beach. We see a jogger who looks like he belongs bait bua on an underwear ad. For the first time in the end. Have fun guys, till the next victim. Everyone has a price, after cash was thrown into the picture. He fucked Jamie for a while, then when he was told what we wanted him to service Ryan instead! At first, Julian told us he was not gay, but after he bang the shit out of her. This week we have a giggly cutie. with washboard bait bua abs and gorgeous blue eyes. But after he calmed down Jessie enticed him by showing some tits. Sure enough the sexy Vanessa did what she does best and gets him naked and get Steven on his dick, he did'nt hesitate again. Hey guys, what up, this week we find this cutie guy walking by a school. Reel him in folks! We were driving around and we found this cute guy who bait bua was on his way to pick up his girlfriend. The events that took place after were priceless! this is a must see! Cruising bait bua.

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