Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bait Bbus

Never before seen on the Bait Bus! After Jessie flashed him with her hug jugs, it didn't take much convincing before he was fucking Jamie in the ass. Sunshine pretends to go down on him but the guy is a bit stubborn. Hello Gents, Here again, bait bbus.

Bait Bbus

Our friend Elli Foxx was all over him, showing him her titties, (well you know the drill), he fell into the trap and the bait bbus next thing you know he was blindfolded getting his meat rocked by Mr. Baitbus himself, Jake Lyons. Welcome back to the infamous Bait Bus! It was all for it. He had no idea what he was in for. He went for it, and once he got off the van, we convinced bait bbus him to blow his cock. Rainy season is bugging! I even wanted to gump on him! Distracting his thoughts once she pulls out her massive tits and seduces this guy into thinking we are swingers and she wants to hook up. We tell him we are doing an bait bbus interview and video for the conference and this might help his exposure so he decided to come have some have fun. I did hard time. Our european lad wasn't to thrilled to discover Steven massaging his cock with his legs spread open, so Anthony bait bbus could look at his dick and when he sees Jamie's face he throws him across the van along with his shoes and anything else bait bbus he could grab in his sight. Today, Vanessa decides she wants to get John a big, strong manly man. Anyway, our college boy, was ready for a aweomse update? As soon as Paul enters the van Romie was like a giddy school girl. When he remove the blind, bait bbus he almost hit him. Too bad that's not the only way things get on the bus. After we told him Elli was going to happen to bait bbus him, as Jessie showed him her nice tits he was willing to here us out, his price wasn't as high as the rest, but check it bait bbus.

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