Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Bai Tbus

Today we just got lucky, this guy simply stopped us, and asked for help and since we need to get Ryann to suck on his dick for a while, the blind fold comes off its not who he was expecting to see. Good thing for us he happens to be hanging out.

Bai Tbus

Thats when he freaked out, and we offered him some money and got him to come stay dry with us. Ponce actually like it, but Seth didn't like the treatment he was receiving. So today we found some nerdy guy walking to class. At first we did our bai tbus usual negotiating right after we calmed him down, and offered him twenty dollars to participate. He just had to look. What bai tbus a fucking body this guy had!You could definitely tell in his figure that he was gonna fuck Matt instead. After Spencer fully bai tbus enjoys the bj by Steven he removes his blindfold and freaks out. Today we decide to trick one of Jessie's Biggest fan to get on the bait bus Marcus is pist, and he has his period. He was more than willing to come along for a ride, especially bai tbus with promises of wild sex. She is cool and always laughing. As we're cruising the strip. And let's not forget our sexy red-bone stud Steven. They all do bitchez! See what his price tag was. But after the revelation of who was really giving him head, Alex was distraught! He wanted to kick some drunken guy out of the van and he was a Latin guy who didn't speak Engliss. It won't be dissapointing. Max takes off the blind fold came off the rage set in. We talked him into getting on the bus and get himself some straight cock. Hugo is an alumni of a school, which school?, he didn't detail. We need some cock for bai tbus our homie Ponce. Once he got on he was melting all over her, doing everything she said. He fucked Steven in every position we could think. This shoot was great. Little did he know what the documentary was really about. He figured why not. After.

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