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He fell for the trap, fucked Jamie then got dropped off in the Bait Bus. He was freaked out. Funny thing is when he was bai tbus told what we wanted him to service Ryan instead! We stopped and asked him what he was up to. They want a college boy. But.

Bai Tbus

So Rusty fucked Ryan doggy, and missionary, then he came on his ass. As they drive around, they are conversing about mental bai tbus health. Hey my friends, in this chapter of bait bus we had a great body and a big dick. After promising him $2000 to fuck bai tbus Tony, he quickly settled down and handled his. So today we have a special treat for you all today. He fucking freaked. He was so hot and good at it, we even thought to go back and pick him up. After a bit of persuasion vis-a-vis Iman AND Melissa flashing him their tits, he got into the van and he got out but Rouge went after him and changed his mind real quick. He jumped on the bus, and Jessie shows off her tits to entice him, and he totally falls for it. We picked up this really cute guy Blake. The rest of the stupid guys we pick up, he took it. You see what happens when you jump into a van with a camera. Little did he know that things were going to get out of hand. I got my friend Brandy from college riding the bus as the bai tbus bait today. Funny thing was it really looked like he was totally enjoying himself. The crew got lucky on the fourth. Sammy kept insisting to apper on the World Famous Bang Bus. We convinced him to take off his pants for the promise of fucking Ellie afterward. Believe me this guy was so fucking mad, he tried to beat the shit out of her. Laurie was the one blowing him, he made a big scene, but after offering him some cash, he fell right through. But the power of Matt is undeniable and.

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