Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Ba9tbus

After handing him two thousand dollars, and he said no. We turned another one, the goal for the day! Next thing he knows he is naked and blind folded. Knowing him, he'll be back next week for more dick to indulge. Sunshine grows an infatuation.


Ok after leave our new Bait Bus victim in the middle of nowhere. Along our trip we come across Josh who happens to be off ba9tbus from work and chilling around his job site, we tell him we need his help and we would pay him forty-seven hundred plus he ba9tbus might fuck Brandy really hard. They pulled up in a shopping mall, and picks up a skater looking dude who has no idea what he was in for. At first we did our usual thing where Sunshine got all sexy and tried to convince him to let Cameron suck ba9tbus his dick while his being blindfolded. We talk him into playing a little game of pretend. He was in the mood to scoop up a bad boy, so we were officially on the lookout. Hello Gents, Here again, the Bait Bus. Once he got inside, he couldn't get enough of Vanessa's tiny shirt. He had to think about but he really had no choice, he was horny and he wanted to start ba9tbus off the new yr. Turns out AJ wasn't to happy about being questioned. These people are freaks. So they went at it! So sit ba9tbus back, and watch as we unfold a bit of debauchery unseen before by human eyes. Lucky for us there's always a price. Sunshine ba9tbus and Tyler are driving around looking for something to do, or someone to do. We need some cock for Cole. All sorts of yelling, ba9tbus cursing, denial, and anger just flying out of Christian's mouth but as soon as we spotted a young stud sitting on the bench ba9tbus along the pier. She's real hot with a huge pair of knockers, so we figured it be real easy to get someone on the bus, and once inside wasn't long before she was exposing her beautiful tits to him. Upon entry he was everything we wanted in a victim, ba9tbus.

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