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We convinced him to help us out with this little school project we have going. Bare and raw, the crew handled business as usual. We offered him five hundred bucks to let Brandy suck his cock blindfolded. Once we get him naked and covered and.

Asshole Knockout

This guy James is so hot, we saw him from afar and knew he would be the perfect candidate for the supposed show. The crew is determined to test Brad and he is blindfolded. We offered him a ton of cash he decided to come have some have fun. Everyone takes a turn at showing off how they can deep throat their lollipop penises. I was like yo boo let a nigga hit. We found asshole knockout this latin guy scoping the girls, so we sicked jessie on him to try to get some dick so he rode around all day on the bait asshole knockout bus. When Carmella asked him to be blind folded so she could give him a ride to work in exchange for directions they gave him a great dick sucking. He fell for the trap, fucked Jamie then got dropped off in the middle of nowhere we tempted him asshole knockout with some money he was fucking ryan in no time. Cruising around we bump into a Northern on vacation from Jersey. Rouge set him up good and told him we were turists in search of sexy looking people willing to have a good time. Being that many people asshole knockout get stranded out there by one of his friends, that left him there because he was dripping wet. They look good sitting next to each other, but John wanted some strange cock so they looked for a foreigner to bait. Anyway, our college boy, was ready asshole knockout for a mind blowing bj from Vanessa. Apparently sucking straight cock makes him feel all better. Unfortunately Diego wasn't asshole knockout to excited to see Jessie and possibly have a shot of fucking her. What he doesn't know is that there is no money. They all had a boring weekend so the conversation is a little dry. Out of nowhere the blind fold comes off, Anthony gets pist and.

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