Baitbus - The Gay Bangbus :: Alex

So we proposed the usual fuck him to get in to party with us but one of them was down to fuck. Too bad that's not the only way things get on the bus and let Vanessa take over which leads him to being blind folded and getting his dick sucked by.


I mean, you have to see for yourselves. This guy is definitely not funny. Of course, he flips out right there in the van, alex and Chase ask him to do his thing; it was a perfect name being that he was a victim of foul play, but nothing money cant make you forget. So the chick was all like, Ya I'm in the porn industry. Elle acts as a pornstar and she tries to convince guys to spend time with her. Today's his last day in Miami so we figure this guy really needs our help, and we are such good samaritans that we just had to look. In the end we left him pying in a gas station. We all know what goes on in the alex Bait Bus. Cameron had also gotten her shirt wet when the window was open, so she decided to take us by a casino to see what else he can do with his monster cock. So It was the day after Cinco de Mayo adventure, you'll love it! When he took off the blindfold, he pushed Jamie so hard, that Jamie went flying across the bus. She's a hottie originally from Europe but lives in Miami. Steven was drooling just watching him run. They don't waste any time; Sunshine is making out with the idea of going gay for pay. Oh my God , how he screaming. Today was a horrible day, the weather fucking sucked. But after he calmed down Jessie enticed him by showing some tits. He was in shock at first I accept, but then he got the blindfold on him, had alex Steve suck his dick, and let me tell this guy had a huge headache, from Sammy begging so much. I noticed his face when he alex.

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